Q1 : How can Warmers be stored?

  • Please store Warmers in cool dry place.

Q2 : How long is the validity term of Warmers?

  • Usually 4 years.

Q3 : Are Warmers reusable?

  • No. Warmers are for one-time, disposable usage.

Q4 : How do I dispose Warmers?

  • Just dispose of Warmers in a waste bin according to the regulation of your region.

Q5 : Is it safe to travel with Warmers?

  • Absolutely. You can carry Warmers in your carry-on bagage when travel by air.

Q6 : Can Warmers be exported overseas?

  • Yes, Mycoal provides the Material Safety Data Sheet for each item. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Q7 : Can I apply a Warmer directly to my skin?

  • You can apply only medical device heat patch directly to your skin, which is designed for such usage.

Q8 : Is it safe to use Warmers for elderly people, infants, children or the handicapped?

  • People who unable to remove the Warmers should be supervised when using the products.

Q9 : Is it safe to use Warmers for Pets?

  • No, it is not recommendable. Warmers don't contain any toxic ingredients; however in case if it is swallowed by mistake by your pet, your pet might be choked.

Q10 : What if my pet eats a Warmer?

  • Our products are not meant to be ingested. If your pet eats a Warmer, you should contact your veterinarian immediately.

Q11 : What if I wash a Warmer with my laundry?

  • If the Warmer is not broken, it won't be a problem. Please take it out of the laundry machine and dispose of it. However, please note that you may get rust on clothing just in case.

Q12 : What if I drop a Warmer into a toilet bowl?

  • Since a Warmer is not water-soluble, it may cause a clog. Please remove it immediately.

Q13 : What is the low temperature burn?

  • The heat from Warmers shall be carried and diffused to all body by the flow of blood. However, in the case of pressing the attached part of Warmers or sleeping with attached Warmers, the flow of blood shall become slow and the heat shall not be diffused and therefore surface temperature of skin, where Warmers are attached shall be come up too much higher and skin cell shall be destroyed sometime. This symptom is called "the low temperature burn". Even some type of skin shall be red and also become bubble or peeled. They shall be one of them. In case that you got "low temperature burn", it shall be recommend that the diseased part shall be cooled with water etc. and be consulted by the doctor.

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